CCSVI - Chronic CerebroSpinal Venous Insufficiency

Chronic CerebroSpinal Venous Insufficiency

CCSVI , acronym for Chronic CerebroSpinal Venous Insufficiency , is a medical condition characterized by a blockage or narrowing of the veins that drain blood from the spinal cord and brain. In many cases the jugular blood flow has been known to reverse direction creating a condition known as reflux.

Treating CCSVI involves inflating a tiny balloon inside the blocked veins. Patients who undergo this treatment usually experience relief from several debilitating symptoms of CCSVI including cognitive impairment, thermal intolerance , sleep disturbances, waking headaches , chronic fatigue as well as other symptoms that are common to neurodegenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ) and many related conditions.


Current CCSVI studies can be found at the United States National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health


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